COLTIVARE FUORI TERRA CON I PALLET – Pallets for raised bed gardening

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Un modo semplice, veloce ed economico per coltivare fuori terra.
Con un investimento di pochissimi euro si possono coltivare con successo insalate e altre verdure dalle radici corte.
Pallets for raised bed gardening! 
More wood pallet projects: http://amzn.to/1bJ5rt3
Raised bed gardening: http://is.gd/DJYBGO

A very interesting book on raised bed gardening

Are you bending over, weeding, digging over and collecting snails in the evening, but still having to share your harvest with them? For many who have just caught the gardening bug, they end up instead burying all their garden dreams deep into the earth. Commercially available raised beds make a lot of work easier but they cost a fortune. In this book an alternative to the expensive models is presented and clearly describes how you can successfully grow your own vegetables with the least time, energy and money. It also shows that anyone can build a raised bed and how to effectively use its many benefits, such as earlier and richer harvests, more efficient watering, less problems with snails and weeds and intelligent recycling of your green rubbish. Compact information, instructions for twenty-five of the most popular vegetable varieties as well as simple but sophisticated recipes will give the reader a first taste for his own organic vegetables and encourage the bug to crawl out into the sunshine.