Mushrooms Are The Next Big Thing In Urban Agriculture

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The UN forecasts that nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050 so it’s clear we need to grow more food in our cities. No surprise then to see a boom in Urban Agriculture, with projects starting up in cities the world over.

Typically these use methods ranging from traditional raised beds to high tech, expensive aquaponics set ups.

There’s another solution out there and one that is about to take off: growing Oyster mushrooms on used coffee grounds. This method has 3 main advantages:

  1. Quick grow cycle (just 6 weeks!)
  2. High value crop
  3. Can be grown underground or in empty buildings

Why Grow On Coffee Grounds?

Normally, growing Oyster mushrooms requires expensive pastuerisation equipment to sterlise the straw, but growing on coffee is much easier as the brewing process pastuerises the grounds.

And there’s no shortage of grounds! So, by making use of all this waste you can add to a supply of local healthy food.

Picture a world in 5 years from now where there’s a Urban Mushroom Farm in every city. That’s what we at GroCycle are working towards. If you want to find out more sign up for more info about our online course, which opens for enrollment again at the end of this month.

more info: link



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