Urban Agriculture: What’s Really Making a Mark?

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It’s easy to label urban farming as the solution to serious societal problems like food deserts, economic development, and obesity. But not all urban farming is alike. Some methods are bound to be more successful, profitable, and impactful than others. The question is which ones are giving cities the “biggest bang for their buck,” so to speak, and which ones are more good for morale?

The answer to this question is complicated. Urban agriculture in U.S. cities is evolving to include operations on a wide spectrum that ranges from small-scale community gardens to high-tech aquaponic and vertical farms.

In its report “Sustainable Urban Agriculture: Confirming Viable Scenarios for Production,” the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority identified three broad categories that encapsulate agricultural efforts in most urban areas: land-based operations, rooftop agriculture, and controlled environment agriculture.

More info: http://sustainablecitiescollective.com/seedstock/1023231/urban-agriculture-what-s-really-making-mark


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