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The Science Barge is a prototype, sustainable urban farm and environmental education center. It is the only fully functioning demonstration of renewable energy supporting sustainable food production in New York City. The Science Barge grows tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce with zero net carbon emissions, zero chemical pesticides, and zero runoff. From May to October 2007, the Science Barge hosted over 3,000 schoolchildren from all five New York boroughs as well as surrounding counties as part of our environmental education program. In addition, over 6,000 adult visitors visited the facility along with press from around the world.

The Science Barge: now in Yonkers, New York

The ownership of the Science Barge program has been assumed by Groundwork Hudson Valley, located in Yonkers, NY. For information about public tours, opening times and education programming, please follow this link to the Groundwork Hudson Valley website

“The Science Barge is not only an invitation to ideas and learning, but to change.”
Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University
and special economic advisor to the United Nations.

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Energy Supply Systems

Air-X 400W 48VDC internally regulated wind turbines (5) (Southwest), total 2.0 kW

ND-20xU1 204W 24VDC solar panels (12) (Sharp),12.5% effi ciency, total 2.45 kW

UTR-120 passive solar trackers (2) (Zomeworks)

120/240 VAC generator coverted to vegetable oil (semi-custom) 4.0 kW

PVX-2580L AGM batteries (16) (Concorde), total 1030Ah at 48VDC (~2 day reserve)

SWplus 5548 48VDC/120VAC inverter-charger (Xantrex)

MX-60 MPPT solar charge controller (Outback)

X240 120/240VAC auto-transformer (Outback)

CB-1750 51 kW vegetable oil furnace (Cleanburn) (seasonal use)


Greenhouse Equipment

Nexus/National aluminum greenhouse

2 bays, 3 m gutter height, 121 m2 fl oor area

Twinwall polycarbonate and glass glazing

Computerized climate controller (Wadsworth)

(Roof vents (4), pad vents (2)

(36” aluminum exhaust fans (4), 0.5 hp ea.

Evaporative cooling pads (2), total 12 m2, pad pumps (2)

Daily power demand ~25 kWh


Water Recovery & Production

Rainwater catchment system, 121 m2 cross section

1140 L storage tank

15 gal fi rst fl ush device (removes debris)

Reverse Osmosis (river water purifi cation)

24V 216W pressure recovery RO system (Spectra) rated 1270 L/day

Booster pump for 3m lift, custom priming system, custom fi lters

1140 L storage tank


Hydroponic Systems

Tomato, cucumber, pepper, lettuce, and herbs

Easy-access design for demonstration and teaching

High wire bato bucket vine system (120 stems)

NFT leaf crop system (American Hydrponics) (300 heads)

Vertical stacking system (Vertigro) (40 plants)

Water demand 300 – 600 L/day

No chemical pesticides, no wastewater runoff


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